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Gas Filling Unit


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  • Filling, recovery, and purification of SF6 gas from tanks, ideally suited up to 69 kV (25 kg SF6 gas)
  • Consolidation of SF6 cylinders

Special Features

  • The face of the cart has an easily understandable flowchart so that operational settings are intuitive
  • Mounted on a convenient handcart with 250 mm (10") pneumatic tires for ease of movement
  • Highest gas recovery in its class (up to 99.6 %).
  • 100% oil-less compressor capable of 65 bar (1000 psig), allowing for SF6 liquefaction at temperatures up to 45 °C
  • Additional external access valve provides unlimited storage capacity by enabling the use of external gas cylinders


Proper SF6 handling is essential and includes initial filling, evacuation, purification, and re-pressurization of SF6 tanks. www.wika.es's Model GFU10 provides this complete array of filling and evacuation services for SF6 equipment. This cart is ideally suited for servicing small volume SF6 equipment and consolidating partially used SF6 bottles.


  • Purifies, dries, and filters SF6 to 0.1 microns during recovery and re-pressurization.
  • Onboard vacuum pump evacuates equipment to less than 1.3 mbar / 1 Torr and features a special valve preventing gas path reversal
  • Automatic shut off feature when storage tank is full of liquefied gas or if it has reached maximum allowable pressure
  • SF6 gas liquefaction available at temperatures up to 45 °C (114 °F) via a high pressure, oil-less compressor
  • 120 V-60 Hz 15 Amp operation
  • 220 V-50 Hz (120 V, 60 Hz optional) and other voltages are available
  • High pressure, direct drive oil-less compressor, safety switch set at 500 psig (3450 kPag)
  • Unit comes complete with hoses & power cords, compressor capable of 1000 psig (70 barg) of pressure

Additional Features

  • High pressure permeation-resistant hoses
  • Self-sealing quick disconnects
  • All filters are easily replaced without disconnecting any tubing
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